Captiva, Florida Fishing Trip  11/1/03

Captain Joe and First Mate, Rich, are based at the Castaways Marina on Captiva Island, located at the western end of Sanibel Island, FL. Click here for map. We left the marina at 11:15 AM on a 4 hour charter to Redfish pass located at the western most end of Captiva Island. Click here for map.Within the first 5 minutes of fishing, Rich caught the first redfish 7.5 lbs, which Gail and Rich cooked and ate for dinner that night.The next fish was a 13.5 lb. redfish (threw back). Then Rich caught a larger redfish, which was shortly eaten by a 7-9 foot lemon shark. We then caught fish to use as shark bait to intentionally fish for sharks, but the sharks were no longer hungry.This was a great fishing trip, and we highly recommend Captain Joe. He and First Mate, Rich, did a nice job finding fish, and keeping baited lines in the water to maximize fishing time. Click here for his web site.
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Southern Shores Resort
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